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RP: Bloody Roar

Nicolette heard the low creak of the door as she pushed it open and stepped out of the rain. She stood before the doorway and looked around for an empty chair to sit on. Due to the storm outside, many people had chosen to take refuge at the local tavern. She could see that it was an old place, with the same warm character that could be found in most small town bars. But the town held specific importance to her.

She spotted an available stool at the bar counter. Nicolette clutched at the strap of her satchel and held it close to her as she pushed her way through the crowded room towards the empty seat. Finally reaching the chair, she sat down with a tired sigh. The events of the past two days had really taken a toll on her. She couldn't believe that only few days ago she had been going about her business, conducting her studies in the amazon; and now... Now she was a wanted felon. Well, maybe not a felon; but she was definitely wanted...and by some dangerous-looking people.

Nicolette groaned and dropped her head to the counter with a soft thump. What was she going to do? She squeezed her eyes shut for a few seconds, then sat up. No, she couldn't afford to waste time. She had to find out what happened to Manolito. She had to know if he was still alive.

The bartender was about to walk passed her when she caught his attention and asked for him for a beer. She waited for him to return before taking out a picture of Manolito and placing it on the counter in front of him. "Hi, I'm Nicki. I was wondering if you've seen this man. Or know anyone who has? His name is Manolito." He didn't really seem interested, but she pushed on. "He was apparently staying in at an inn somewhere in this town. He arrived here around six months ago. He was working for the Osbourne Corporation. Have you seen him?"

Drabble: The Hunt

Hehe... After reading this really interesting fanficton, I decided I really want to start writting again:) ...
So, here's a drabble about my zoanthrope character, Nicolette...on a crazy night when the animals tend to let their blood lust go wild o.o

Nicolette fell to the ground on her knees, not being able to stave off the pain any longer. Her hands went up to cover her ears as a sharp, piercing ache; like a dagger stabbing relentlessly into her brain; grew ever stronger. Gritting her teeth, she felt the lengthening of her canines as she turned to stare at the blood red moon; her pupils nothing more than thin dark slits against the glow of her eyes. She could feel her body responding to the change in atmosphere, the raw hunger taking over her mind. With what little reason she had let, she knew that she had to get away. Away from the town and the people, and into the forest where she’d be safe. With great difficulty, she lifted herself to her feet and stumbled into the leafy confines of the Amazon; tripping over roots in her haste. Before she could get much farther she felt the excruciating beginnings of the conversion. She tried to stop the screams as she shuddered and convulsed in agony. The sound of her bones as they popped out of place, and moulded themselves into an entirely new skeletal structure, reverberated through her head. A short muzzle stretched out over her nose and mouth, and she could feel a familiar tickling sensation as fur sprouted out from its tip, right through to her suddenly existent tail.

The pain slowly ebbed away and Nicolette stared down at her large, muscled paws; before the hunger took her yet again… She was no longer human. She was Jaguar. And she thirsted for the hunt. Without further ado, Nicolette set off running; heading deeper and deeper into the jungle. She raced through the rain forest like a bullet, without making a sound; the wind whipping by and her veins pumping with adrenaline. A scent in the air caught her attention, and she stopped dead in her tracks to inhale the aroma of a tapir not far off. Her soft ears twitched as she picked up the sound of its charging hooves; the beast having already sensed the perilous ambience of the night. In another second, she had launched herself up into a nearby tree in its path, and now rested upon a sturdy branch in eager anticipation. She crouched, frozen on the branch, not even blinking as she waited; silent as death.

As she caught sight of the first traces of its snout emerging through the underbrush, she sprang from the tree; her powerful hind legs kicking off the branch as she arched towards the giant boar. With her claws extended, she latched onto the beast and sent it crashing to the ground. Her claws dug into its sides, ripping at the soft flesh as they wrestled on the damp floor of the forest. The tapir squealed and grunted in terror; its massive bulk rolling from side to side as it attempted to crush its attacker. But she was far more skilled than her prey. With the precision of a well-practiced surgeon; she sliced the supple skin of its yielding throat, sinking her teeth into its soft flesh until she pierced the large jugular vein beneath. Her pupils dilated with pleasure at the first taste of the warm flesh. She felt a shiver run across her spine to the tip of her tail, as its blood flooded into her open mouth. She closed her eyes in satisfaction, clamping her jaws tighter around its neck and drawing more of the thick, hot liquid. She could feel the tapir’s life draining from it and flowing into her, filling her muscles and giving her strength. Power. Her eyelids flickered open and she reared her head high over the carcass. She looked up distantly and could almost feel the call of the full moon behind the trees; her yellow eyes reflecting its dim light as it filtered through the wide canopy above. She would kill at least twice more, before this night was over.

Meme 2

Stolen from Steph^u^


1. What curse word do you use the most?

2. Do you own an iPod?

3. What person on your Flist do you talk to the most?
None of them, I think. It’s about the same for all.

4. What time is your alarm clock set to?
Well, I wake up at 05:30

5. Do you still remember the first person you kissed?

6. Do you remember where you were on 9/11/01?
No, not really.

7. Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?
Be in the picture! For s**t

8. What was the last movie you watched?
50 first dates

9. Do any of your friends have children?
No way! Not that I know of

10. Has anyone anyone ever called you lazy?
Hoh yeah, definitely. It’s practically my name

11. Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep?

12. What CD is currently in your CD player?
Well, I don’t have my own but, I think my mom has a hindu prayer CD in the one downstairs.

13. Do you prefer regular or chocolate?
o.o ‘ello? Are we talking about some kind of drink?

14. Has anyone told you a secret this week?
Hmm… I get secrets coming at quite a bit, but I’m not sure about this past week…

15. When was the last time you had Starbucks?
Heehee… Last year, July… when I was in London.

16. Can you whistle?

17. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Ooh… A lot of things, mostly facial like eyebrows, jaw line, lips or hair… Whatever stands out.

18. What are you looking forward to?
Being able to go to university.

19. Did you watch cartoons as a child?
Yep, still watching.

23. Do you own any band t-shirts?
I did
à [MCR Black Parade]… Don’t know what happened to it T-T

24. What will you be doing in one hour?
Umm… Either sitting in the lounge/dining room/kitchen and talking to… someone, still typing on the laptop, or looking for a memory stick.

25. Is anyone in love with you?
Tch! How should I know?

26. What was the last song heard?
Scotty Doesn’t Know ~ The Salads(?)

27. Last time you cried?
Can’t remember.

28. Are you on a desktop computer or a lap top?

29. Are you currently wanting any piercing or tattoos?
For sure. I want to pierce the top of my left ear; and if I could get a tattoo, I would either get, a barcode on the back of my neck, or folded wings on my back.

30. What the weather like?
It’s absolutely still.

31. Would you ever date a girl/guy covered in tattoos?
Mmm… sexy. Yeah, I would.

32. What did you do before this?
Typed a post for a role play.

33. When is the last time you slept on the floor?
Monday, 29 September. At a friend’s place.

34. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
Well, for me it would be… somewhere between 1-5 hours. But apparently everyone should be having 8.

35. Do you eat breakfast daily?
I may miss out on breakfast if I’m in too much of a hurry.

36. Are your days fast-paced?
It varies, but it’s mostly average.

37. What did you do last night?
Watched DVDs on the laptop.

38. Do you use sarcasm?
I do.

39. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?

40. Are you picky about spelling and grammar?
It sometimes irritates me, yes.

41. Have you ever been to Six Flags?
What the--? What is that?

43. Do you get along better with the same sex or the opposite sex?
Hmm… Not sure. Both, maybe.

44. Do you like mustard?
Omg, no.

45. Do you sleep on your side?

46. Do you watch the news?
Yeah. A lot recently.

47. How did you get one of your scars?
WoW. Long story, try to make it short: I was at a dam. I was embarrassed, so I ran towards the edge of the water, slipped on some broken concrete. And-I’m not sure what it was-but I must have cut my arm on a broken pipe, or something.

48. Who was the last person to make you mad?
These holidays have been a blur… it probably would have been my cousins and brother. >.<Annoying little brats.

49. Do you like anybody?

50. What is the last thing you purchased?
Volumes 2, 3 and 5 of ‘Vampire Game’. :D


Drabble: Falling

Weehee! Wow.... I haven't posted in a looong time, and I was to lazy to even try.. But this just popped in my head and wouldn't go away so... Here's a short drabble about Nyhm.


 The cry of a seagull shatters the early morning sunrise. A strong, salty breeze whips at the black leather of his clothes, carrying with it the heavy smell of the sea from below. A powerful gust slams into his back, stiffening his white scarf out in front of him, as it passes through.

 His features reflect a mind that is troubled, tortured and tormented. Defeated, and resigned. His lips are numb, and he tastes the bitter-sweetness of what he is about to do. He can feel the hole in his chest as it continues to slowly grow bigger, and finally, swallows his heart whole.

 A complete numbness envelopes his entire body, stilling his thoughts. A white flower detaches itself from the thin branch of a nearby bush, and descends gently to join the dozens of others at his feet. He watches listlessly as the flowers are lifted up by the breeze, swirling and twirling around him like tiny white fairies. The zephyr pulls gently at his short, white-blonde locks. The two long strands, at the sides of his head, allow themselves to be drawn into its playful hold. A flower dances past his face, its cool petals licking his chaffed cheek.

 A slow, sad smile creeps onto his lips. He accepts his end. There is no longer any place left for him in this world. He has nothing left for him in this life, and therefore, there is no reason for him to hold on to it. Facing away from the water, he spreads out his arms and wings, and watches as the pale light of the rising sun, reflects off of his raven feathers. With a final sigh of release, he closes his eyes and steps backwards off the edge; plummeting down the side of the cliff, and into the sea.

Fading (prose)

As time goes by I feel the stress of the world, my world, closing in on me. The pressure, constantly building itself upon me, presses me down. Feeling as if I were being buried alive. Fear closes my throat, choking my screams. A deaf sound threatens to pound my head. Then somewhere deep inside, a spark ignites. Bursting into flames of frustration, it rages in me, pumping furiously through my veins.


Clenching my fist, I walk towards my mirror. My nails dig into my palms, drawing blood. I tighten my jaw, gritting my teeth as I try to hold back my emotions. I look at myself in the mirror, hating my reflection. Without a seconds thought, I pull back my fist, and like a viper ready to strike, I let loose, sending it crashing into the mirror. Tiny shards of glass exploded from the point of impact, shattering to the floor. Clenching my now bloodied fist, I turned round, heading towards the bathroom.


Opening the tap, I stick my fist under the cool running water, letting it wash away the blood and the glass from my hand. I lean forward, gulping water from my cupped hands and splashing it onto my burning face. Pressing my head to the cold edge of the basin, I close my eyes, trying to force out all my pent-up anger. I look up into another smaller mirror, resisting the urge to add another 7 years of bad luck to my already accumulating amount. I looked at myself, eyes bloodshot, surrounded by dark circles from lack of sleep. Cursing myself under my breath, I twist the tap closed.


Shoving open the bathroom door, I head towards a pile of clothes lying on the floor at the foot of my bed. Stripping off yesterday’s dark clothes in a rush, I pull on a pair of faded jeans, a black T-shirt of my favourite band, a black hooded jersey, and white and black speckled converses. I liked black.


Grabbing my messenger bag and camera, I storm out of my room, hurrying down the stairs and out the door, slamming it behind me. I needed to clear my head. Pulling the hood up, I began to walk almost desperately to the only place where I could truly be myself, where I felt most comfortable.


Nearing the wall I slipped off my bag, opening it to pull out a number of cans of spray paint and an air mask. Opening the cap of the black can, and securing the mask over my head, I began to create the outlines of an image not yet fully formed. My hands moved as if they had a mind of their own. As if in a trance, I carried on spraying.


About 85 minutes later I ripped off my mask and lent back. I studied every detail of it, finally being able to how I had felt. How I still feel.


On the wall was a picture of bird. It wasn’t a particularly beautiful bird. It was a fairly plain, simple, brown bird. It was pinned down by its wings, not able fly, not able to move. It was trapped, caught. But it would not give up. With a shudder, it ripped off the large stakes that had been holding it down. Then it took off, shooting up into the sky. Flying higher and higher. Further and further away, into the sun, until nothing was left but the two stakes that lay, forgotten, on the floor.

Writer's Block: Pick an era, any era

If you had to pick a time period to live in, which would you choose? Why?
Ancient egyptian

Where are my rights?

Why is it,

That because we are different

We must hate,

We must kill?


Where does it say

That I have no rights?

Which text,

Which god,

Which religion,

Has proclaimed my destiny,

Designed my death?


Have I no say

In what becomes of me?

In my own life.

If I cut myself,

Would not the same red blood

Pour from my veins

As that of my enemy?


Is it not strange how,

Some say the kill for freedom,

Some say they kill for supremacy,

Some say they kill to purify

And others say they kill for peace?


And yet,

All these people stare in disgust,

At the lion who kills

Because he must.



Scenerio 1

: Whatever you do, DO NOT say the 'P' word.

Twiggy: The 'p' word?

Cerb: Yeah, the 'P, L, A, Y' word.

Twiggy: Play?

*thump, thump, thump*

Jinx: Play!!

Cerb: Oh god...

Scenerio 2

: So you wanna get laid, huh?

Zach: Yeah!

Cerb: All you gotta do is say this word *hands over piece of paper*

Zach: Play...?

Jinx: *leaps up, throwing PS3 control* Play!?

Cerb: Now why'd you have to go and do that? *points to PS3*
           *puts Zach on Jinx' back* Have fun!

Character Needs

Nothing much to say, except I stole this from Steph<-- teh


Kalib needs regular diaper changes as he has little to no feeling and a small bladder.


Kalib needs to take his JLO glasses and go find a runway.



Zach needs a Nap. Seriously? You would think this kid doesn't own a bed!


Zach needs a peanut butter sandwich.


Zach needs a Warning Label for Explicit Lyrics



Senna needs daytime buddys!


Senna needs a change of shorts



Ari needs to stop ass kicking South Park!


Ari needs to go hiatus for once and stay that way


Ari needs to play with play dough



Daru needs
to make contact with the men of the outpost




Jinx needs to stay alive


Jinx needs a hot love interest

Jinx needs to be re-examined

Top Secret Covert Operation 'Get Pizza'

Screams were let out everywhere, as people were seen running throughout the town. Zach pushed his sopping hair out of his eyes, trying to look about. He saw a flash of light in the sky and heard a roaring clap of thunder.

            Suddenly, he heard familiar voices shouting and screaming nearby. With a daring look on his face, Zach rushed towards the noise, ignoring the stings of the many wounds as they were pelted by the sharp, hard rain.

            He turned a corner to find a couple of his best comrades being cornered by three large, burly bandits.

            Without a seconds thought, he ran to quickly stand between them, blocking the bandits’ path and stopping them from continuing.

            “Stay back, you fiends! I will not allow you to hurt these innocent people. Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

            “How ‘bout you then!”, the largest of the heavy brutes sneered.

Zach quickly positioned himself in a fighting stance, his legs firmly apart, beckoning them forward with his hand. “Bring it on.”

            “Grrr... Get him!”

As the first bandit made for his attack Zach ducked and lifted him over his shoulder, bringing him crashing down to the ground. He grabbed his leg, bending the knee backwards with his own foot, until it snapped. The man let out a terrifying howl of pain, cradling his knee on the floor.

            Zach felt a second bandit grab a hold of him from behind, and try to pull him down. Since Zach was quite slim, he was able to easily slip out of the other’s grasp. He knelt down, giving him a full kick from the floor, sweeping the other off his feet.

            He came up in front of the third bandit, giving him a rocketing punch to the jaw that sent him reeling.

            The two bandits that could still walk, got up, groaning, and helped the other to his feet.

            With a fearful look in Zach’s direction, they slinked off into the dark night, with their tails in between their legs.

            There was a moment of silence, before everyone erupted in cheers. They were clapping their hands and calling out their thanks and praises.

            He spotted Blane coming towards him, with a look of wonder in his eyes. “Wow, Zach you’re amazing! The way you fought off those bandits, and saved the town! It was wicked! Totally sweet, man. You’re so cool and awesome! One day, I hope I can be just like you.”

            “Thanks man.” Zach puffed out his chest, basking in his glorious victory, and soaking up all the praise from the others.

            Suddenly he felt someone nudging him, and soon the nudging became harder and harder.

            “Hey! Who’s doing that? Stop it, I say!”

The nudging continued, until he felt a hefty kick to his rear-end, and was thrown off the couch, wide awake.


He got up, rubbing his sore spot, and saw Blane peering down at him. “Wake up, it’s almost time.”

            “What you do that for!?” Zach grumbled, but Blane just sat down and ignored him.

            Zach nervously wondered if Blane had heard him talking in his sleep, which Zach usually did almost all the time. “Hey, um... Blane?”

Blane said nothing so Zach thought it was okay to carry on. “You didn’t, by chance, happen to hear me talking in my sleep, did you? ‘Cause I mean... whatever I said about you and everyone else, that was the sugar talking...”

Blane just shrugged it off, “Hey, what you do on your own time.”

“N-no! It’s not like that–”

“Whatever Zach. I’ve got a job to do. However random it may be.”

“Hey! You owe me for that time I unstuck that X39 self-destructing weapon from your arm and deprogrammed it.”

            “Tsh! Don’t remind me.”

They both looked down at the crackling of the small radio as someone attempted to contact them. Blane picked it up and pressed the red button, allowing the person to speak. It was Cian. She had spotted the target and was relaying this message back to them.

            “Right. Don’t lose sight of the target, Cian.” Zach ordered.

“Gosh this is lame. It’s a waste of both our time and talent.”

            “Is not! Look, this is really important to me!”

“Whatever. The sooner we get this thing over and done with, the better.”

            “My thoughts exactly.” Blane mumbled.

Zach coughed, getting back to business, “Alright. Cian, I want you to shadow the target for me. Make sure you stick close.” Blane scowled slightly and Zach continued, “Keep your eye on the package as well. I don’t want them being separated.”


“Oh, and I’m sending Blane out now. When he gets there, he’ll deal with the target, and you retrieve the package. Is that understood?”

            “Aye, aye captain!” Cian affirmed with sarcasm.

“Ha ha. Very funny.”

            “Okay, Zach. I got it. Over and out.’

“Right. Now Blane. Would you?” Zach pointed to the door, indicating that it was his cue to exit.

            Blane stomped to the door, grabbing his cloak from the chair. “Piece ‘a shit... damn debt...” he continued to mutter obscenities under his breath as he walked out, slamming the door behind him.

            Blane stepped out into the crisp, autumn morning, pulling his dark cloak tight, over his shoulders. He dipped his hand into his pocket, pulling out the small radio and pressing the red button again. “Cian, Are you there? Can you hear me?”

            “Blane? Yes, I can hear you. What is it?”

“Do you have a fix on the target?”


“Good. Where is he now?”

            “He’s coming out of Sterling Road. We’re entering Accra square. He’s standing right by the fountain.”

            “I’ll be there in two minutes. Over.” He shoved the radio back into his pocket before rushing off in the direction of Accra square.


Blane finally arrived at the square and spotted Cian sitting a fair distance away. Unfortunately, so did the target. Blane cursed as he ran after the fleeing target. Both Cian and Blane caught up to each other while pursuing him. They sped past crowded market stalls and shops.

The target turned around briefly. His eyes darted towards a tower of caged chickens. He heaved one out, and the rest came tumbling down in the others’ path.

Cian shielded her head from injury and continued on. Coming out of it, she noticed too late, that a horse and cart were right in front of her. She sped up and kicked off the ground, flipping high over them.

Blane rushed towards the cart and roughly slid under it. He quickly got to his feet, noticing Cian land neatly beside him out of the corner of his eye. They both immediately took off again, Blane spitting feathers out of his mouth as they followed.

They turned into an ally and spotted the target with his back pressed against the wall, trapped. They slowed down to a stop at the entrance of the alleyway, and cautiously began to walk towards him.

“Look. There’s no where to run. All we want is the package, that’s it, and we’ll be off on our way. So why don’t you just cooperate, okay?”

“Tch’yeah, like that’ll ever happen.”

No sooner had Blane spoken, that the other, in his desperate attempt to escape, made a dash for it. Trying to zip past the two of them.

“Oh no you don’t.” Blane stuck out his arm at the last moment. The other came rushing towards him and crashing into his extended arm, falling hard, to the floor. Blane quickly got down and wrapped himself around the other so that he could not move. Cian knelt down and she pulled out a rope, tying his hands together. Blane turned him on his back, placing his boot on his chest to hold him down.

Cian opened his cloak and began to search him. Blane growled as the other smirked, clearly enjoying it. She even checked his pockets but still found nothing. “Where is it?”

“Where’s what?”

“Don’t play fools with me”, Cian’s voice was laced with irritation. “Where is the package?”

            He said nothing, but his eyes nervously darted towards his left.

Cian looked in that direction and noticed a large tree on her left.

“I’ll get it.” Blane began to get up, but Cian stopped him.

“No, I will. You need to stay here and guard him.” She got up and began walking towards the tree, then stopped to turn around for a moment. “Besides, I’m lighter and much more flexible than you are.”

            “Oh really?”

She gave a brief smile before turning back around and running off.


            She reached the tree and paused for a second, deciding exactly how to go about this and started to climb. Halfway up, she spotted a flat, cardboard box covered in plastic. She grabbed a hold of another branch and heaved herself up onto it. Reaching out, she stretched her arm and snatched the box, “Gotcha!”

            Just then she heard the branch creak under her, then snap. She lost her footing and slipped. Still holding the package, tucked under her right arm, Cian reached out and grabbed the nearest branch that she could find. Unfortunately, since this particular tree was so old, most of its branches weren’t that strong. Cian gave a yell as the branch that she was holding on to began to crack.


            Blane’s head snapped round when he heard Cian’s yell. He watched as the branch quivered under her weight and slowly began to break. With a fluid movement, Blane had already gotten up and rushed towards the tree. Somewhere along the way he heard the branch snap. He pushed himself harder. Racing to the tree, he came crashing down just in time, with his arms safely wrapped around Cian.


            They slowly got up, Blane rubbing his sore head which he had hit on the tree as he had tried to save Cian.

            “Omg, Blane! You’re bleeding!” She rushed towards him, but Blane shooed her away.

            “It’s nothing. I’m fine, don’t worry about it.” He tried to wipe the blood off, “Are you okay? Nothing broken?”

            “I’m alright. Thanks for that, eh. She indicated to the fallen branch.

“No problem.” He began to turn around, “Let’s get back to the—Ah, shit!”

            “What? What’s wrong?”

“I let the damn target get away! That bloody weasel!”

            “Hold on. I’ll call Zach.”

Blane walked back to the alley and looked around for the other, but there was no sign of him anywhere. He turned around as he heard Cian coming towards him. “Well?”

            She had a confused look on her face. “Zach’s fine with it. He said he just wanted us to hurry and bring the package back to him.”

            “What!? Are you serious?”

“Yeah. I guess we should get back then.”

            “Whatever. Let’s just get outta here.”


Zach was furiously trying to hack into the website of another top secret organisation. Besides the fact that it always gave him an adrenalin rush when he was hacking, it also made him feel as if he were a little bit of a badass.

He stopped, dead still, as he heard, and felt, his tummy growling for food.

“Ah man, I’m starving!”

            Just then he heard the buzzer from the door. Someone was waiting. With his boots, he pushed himself off of the side desk, spinning on the wheels of his chair, grabbing hold of the opposite desk. He moved swiftly with the mouse clicking on the frame that was connected to the camera on top of the front door. Zooming in he saw that it was Blane and Cian with the package. He let out a short, exasperated sigh.


Zach spun himself to another part of the large desk, slipping his hand under it to press a button which unlocked and opened the door.

            He heard the door bang open, and someone stamping their way into the other room, followed by a set of lighter, less hurried footsteps.

            “Zach! What the bloody hell took you so long to open the friggin’ door!?”

“Sorry! My bad.” he shouted from where he sat, before getting up and walking into the lounge.

            It was the afternoon, and the room appeared to be almost pitch black when the curtains were drawn since they were so thick. Zach tripped over something hard and landed with a loud thud, flat on his face. “Ow.”

            “What, ARE you doing?”

Blane had switched on the light and stopped dead still, his finger still on the switch, as he stared down at Zach with a look on his face that seemed to say, ‘What a moron’.

            Zach got back up, holding his nose. “Ow.” He brushed himself, looking up at the other two.

            “Where do you want this?” Cian stood there with the package in her hands, a slight frown on her lips.

            He jerked his head in the direction he had come, still clutching his nose. “In the kitchen.”

            “The kitchen?” She raised her eyebrows at him for a moment then, shrugging it off, she headed in the direction he had indicated, Blane following closely behind. Zach brushed himself off, before doing the same.

            He walked through the computer room, or “The Lair of the Geek”, as Blane called it, and into the kitchen.

Cian was laying the box down on the table, Zach walked towards her, pulling the package towards him. He cringed as he heard a crash coming from a corner of the kitchen.

            He turned to see Blane rummaging through the fridge for something to eat.

“No need.” He said to him, “I’ve got everything covered.”

            Blane and Cian looked at him, confused, until he flipped the cover of the box. Sudden realisation dawned as they took in the sight and smells of what it contained.

            Zach bent down feeling the heat and the mouth-watering smell. “Mmmm…. Still warm.”

            “WTF?! Are you telling me we went through all of that just for a friggin’ PIZZA!” Blane kicked Zach to the ground and jumps up slamming his elbow into his back.. “Son of a ----!”

            Before he knew what was happening, Cian had grabbed Zach’s arm, pulling him up, and twisted it in her grasp, holding it firmly. “Zach. What’s all this about?” she spoke, hissing her words into his ear.

            “Hey! We’re friggin’ landlocked! That means no fresh food coming in, or going out. Do you know what I had to go through to even get this one single pizza? It’s a miracle it even got passed the border.” Zach twisted around, pulling himself free from Cian, “Besides. I’ve got movies.” He pulled them out from a shelf, waving them around.

            He looked eagerly at the two, waiting for their reactions. Cian just gave a long sigh of exasperation before heading back to the lounge.Blane stood there with his eyes narrowed and a sneer on his lips, before heading there himself. He walked passed, shaking his head, “Loser.”


            Zach entered the lounge about 5 minutes later with the pizza warmed. He swept all the junk from the previous month, off the table, placing the box on top. He went behind the TV, connected a few cables, and spent about 35 minutes searching for the remote.

            “Found IT!” Zach looked around, but could see no one. “Guys….? Guys? GUYS!?”